Shoelace Science is offering the LossMeter metrology instrument for measuring high reflectivity/low loss optical components. The LossMeter utilizes the Cavity Ringdown (CRD) technique to measure total optical loss associated with a test sample, and enables total optical loss ranging from 0.001 to 0.000005 (1000 ppm to 5 ppm) to be determined with high precision




The LossMeter metrology instrument is useful for quantifying optical quality and performance in a number of applications including:


·         Testing of Optical Coatings

·         Substrate-Absorption Measurements

·         Thin-Film Absorption Measurements

·         Laser Crystal Absorption Measurements

·         Process Control and Validation

·         Total Insertion – Loss Measurements


The LossMeter enables rapid determination of the total optical loss in optical coatings, substrates, and laser crystals.


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